WOW Book Club Discussion – Chasing Freedom by Ella Miriam

Join us in person at the CTC for our first book club of the year. The author, Ella Miriam will be joining the discussion.


When Ella Miriam made the terrifying decision to leave the Soviet Union for Israel on a search for freedom and to escape generations of haunting, painful memories, she never expected to suffer the devastating loss that would lead her, through a succession of unlikely occurrences, to America.
Please read the book prior to the event and think about the following:
  • What was your favorite part of the book?
  • What was your least favorite?
  • Which scene or sentence/quote has stuck with you the most?
  • What surprised you most about the book?
  • If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?
  • How did it impact you?
  • Would you have given the book a different title? If yes, what would your title be?
  • What were the main themes of the book? How were those themes brought to life?
  • What aspects of the story could you most relate to?
W.O.W. Is open to all Charlotte Jewish women, no affiliation or membership required. Bring a friend.
Event is free, but please consider a $10 donation. Click here to donate.

The event is finished.

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