W.O.W. Book Club Discussion Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine The Journey of an Unstoppable Woman

Join us for our first Book Club Discussion event in 2024. “Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine: The Journey of an Unstoppable Woman” by author Jodi Samuels.

From Johannesburg to Jerusalem, with a stopover in Manhattan, Jodi Samuel’s mission is to change the world, one small, unique step at a time. As an entrepreneur, international speaker, special needs advocate and super mom, on any given day you may find Jodi starting a new business, organizing a community event or conducting an interview with the Wall Street Journal while riding a camel in Morocco.

But if you’re one of the thousands who’ve attended her events, you may be surprised to learn that Jodi was once petrified to take the stage. Jodi’s ability to lead grew with experience, determination, faith and courage. Jodi recounts the seminal moments that shaped her life from being held up at gunpoint in South Africa to living under rocket attacks in Israel and the shocking diagnosis of Down syndrome for her youngest child that turned her into a passionate advocate for children with special needs.

Jodi shows us that with passion, resilience and humor, we can face life’s challenges and come out on top. Her inspiring journey, peppered with a dose of irreverence, is about learning to overcome fear, adapting to unexpected situations and applying time-honored Jewish values to everyday challenges. In short, it’s a story of playing — and winning — the hand you’re dealt.

“Chutzpah, Wisdom, and Wine is a thought-provoking memoir written by an author who lives Judaism in the most active and positive way possible. This book shares with the reader profound insights about her experiences of the world in a fun, relatable way.”

Feel free to check out Jodi’s website https://www.jodisvoice.com/ to learn more about her. We are looking forward to having you join our book club event.

Please read the book prior to the event and think about the following:

What was your favorite part of the book?
Which scene or sentence/quote has stuck with you the most?
What surprised you most about the book?
If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?
How did it impact you?
Would you have given the book a different title?
If yes, what would your title be?
What were the main themes of the book?
How were those themes brought to life?
What aspects of the book could you most relate to?

W.O.W. Is open to all Charlotte Jewish women, no affiliation or membership required. Bring a friend.

Event is free, but please consider a $10 donation.

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Jan 16 2024


7:00 pm


Charlotte Torah Center
5337 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226


W.O.W Women of Wisdom Charlotte